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WRHAP: Washington Rural-Health Access-Preservation Group

 An Alliance of Rural Washington State Public Hospital Districts

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WRHAP History

How We Came to Be

In 2014, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) teamed with the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) to create a Rural-Health work group. On August 1 of 2014, that group presented its final report, titled The New Blue H (note the image at the right). Of its “Summary Recommendations”, Item 3 was titled “Implement a Global Budget Pilot Program”; that was the seed from which the WRHAP Group eventually sprouted.

By spring of 2015, a stakeholder group, which became known as the Washington Rural Health Access Preservation Program, had been convened, and that group held its first meeting in June of 2015. Its composition was many of the Washington CAHs deemed most urgently in need of relief, plus WSHA, the AWPHD (Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts), and two state agencies, the DOH and the HCA (Health Care Authority).

Since that first meeting, the WRHAP Group has met many times—both in person and on regularly scheduled telephonic conferences—wrestling with the basic problems and step by step evolving detailed, real-world, actionable plans for addressing those problems on a working, enduring basis.

In all those proceedings, the Group has had the immense good fortune of being advised and guided by Harold D. Miller, President and CEO of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform and a nationally known expert on healthcare delivery and payment reform. Harold has been not only a great source of information, but an excellent meeting facilitator, whose guidance throughout the project has enabled its participants to crystallize their thoughts effectively and efficiently.

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