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WRHAP: Washington Rural-Health Access-Preservation Group

 An Alliance of Rural Washington State Public Hospital Districts

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WRHAP Library

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Background Material

General Background Material

· Accelerating Payment Reform in Medicare

· An Emergency Medicine–Primary Care Partnership to Improve Rural Population Health

· Association of Coded Severity With Readmission Reduction After the 2010 Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

· Better Ways To Pay Rural Hospitals & Physicians

· CAH Cost Trend and Drivers

· CAH Financial Indicator Medians by State

· CAHs and the Office of Inspector General Report Recommendations, August 2013

· CMMI RFI: New Direction

· Comparison of Rural Hospitals with Special Medicare Payment Provisions to Urban and Rural Hospitals Paid Under Prospective Payment

· Criteria for Alternative Payment Models

· ER-to-ER Drive Times

· Fixing Rural-Hospital Payment Methods

· Hospital-Payment Models

· How Hospitals Are Paid in Maryland

· How to Create an Alternative Payment Model

· How to Fix the Medicare Shared Savings Program

· Integrating Medical and Nonmedical Services

· Maryland ER wait times are the worst in the nation: news report

· MedPAC Report: Physician Supervision Requirements in CAHs and Small Rural Hospitals

· Medicare Payment for Behavioral Health Integration

· Medicare Shared-Savings Program, 2017

· Medicare Value-Based Payment Models: Participation Challenges and Available Assistance for Small and Rural Practices

· Minimum-Distance Requirements Could Harm High-Performing CAHs And Rural Communities

· Municipalities Grapple With Whether Nursing Homes Should Be Taxpayer-Funded

· Pennsylvania Critical Access Hospitals

· Pennsylvania Rural-Health Model

· Population Density by County in WA

· Poverty and Earnings for WA Counties

· Reinventing Rural Health Care, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

· Reinventing Rural Health Care

· Rural Hospital Participation And Performance In Value-Based Purchasing

· Rural Hospitals with Special Medicare Payment Provisions vs Urban and Rural Hospitals Paid Under PPI

· The Challenging Quest to Improve Rural Health Care

· Using Population Segmentation to Provide Better Health Care for All: The “Bridges to Health” Model

· WA ALICE Report: Asset-Limited Income-Constrained Employed

· WA Medicaid CAH Payment Rules

· WRHAP-Member Medicaid Clinic Assignments, 2016

· Why Value-Based Payment Is Not Working, and How to Fix It

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WRHAP-Specific Background Material

· 20180928:WRHAPsummary

· Analyses of Data on Utilization and Spending on Healthcare Services for Residents of WRHAP Communities

· Draft WRHAP Financial Analyses, Jan 17, 2017

· Drive Times From WRHAP Members to Next-Nearest Hospital

· Enabling Rural Hospitals in Washington State to Survive and Thrive

· How and Why the Proposed WRHAP APM Benefits All

· Medicaid Payments and Shortfalls at WRHAP-Member RHCs, 2015

· Medicare Spending in WRHAP Counties, 2015

· Shane McGuire Presentation to National Payment Summit, 7 June 2018

· The New Blue H

· WRHAP Hospital Cost Changes 2013-16 (002)

· WRHAP-Member 2013-2016 Annual Cost Changes

· WRHAP-Member Costs and Revenues, 2013-2016

· WRHAP-Member ED Simulations

· WRHAP-Member Financials, 2015-2016

· WRHAP-Member Hospital Discharges, 2013-2016

· WRHAP-Member Hospital-Cost Changes 2013-16

· WRHAP-Member Inpatient Costs, 2015

· WRHAP-Member Inpatient Revenues & Costs

· WRHAP-Member Margins on Medicaid MCO Patients, 2015

· WRHAP-Member Medicaid Clinic Assignments, 2016

· WRHAP-Member Medicaid ED Visits and Spending, 2014

· WRHAP-Member Medicaid RHC-FQHC Utilization, 2014

· WRHAP-Member Medicaid Spending, 2014

· WRHAP-Member Performance on MBQIP Quality Measures

· WRHAP-Member Total Margins on ED Patients, 2015

· WRHAP-Member Total Medicaid Spending, 2014

· Washington Rural Health Access Preservation Pilot

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WRHAP "Phase I" Documents (through January, 2017)

· DISCUSSION DRAFT: APM for Primary Care in CAH Clinics

· DISCUSSION DRAFT: APM to Support Population Health Management Services

· DISCUSSION DRAFT: Ensuring Adequate Payment for CAH Emergency Departments


· DISCUSSION DRAFT: Potential Types and Levels of Healthcare Services For Small Rural Communities and Potential Payment Models to Support Them

· December 16, 2015 Discussion: Advance Work Needed by Participants

· Meeting of August, 2016: Summary

· Meeting of June, 2016: Summary

· Phase 1 Findings and Recommendations of the WRHAP Project, January 2017

· Phase 1 Findings and Recommendations of the WRHAP Project, January 2017: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

· The "New Blue H" Report: the Genesis of WRHAP

· The WRHAP Project Begins

· WRHAP Project, Recap of the Past Year, June 26, 2016

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WRHAP "Phase II" Documents (February, 2017 & On)

· 20170203:HB1520 - Report for Legislators, DRAFT

· 20170413:Bill 1520

· 20170417:WRHAP Tasks for 2017, DISCUSSION DRAFT

· 20170620:Global-Budget Payment Model for WRHAP Hospitals, DISCUSSION DRAFT

· 20170625:HCA Presentation to WRHAP

· 20170629:WRHAP June 2017 Meeting, Summary - DISCUSSION DRAFT

· 20170713:A Response to the HCA 2017 Chelan Approach

· 20170727:HCA Letter to WRHAP Members

· 20170804:WRHAP Pilot Project, DISCUSSION DRAFT

· 20170811:SHB 1520 Appropriation

· 20170813:DISCUSSION DRAFT: APM for ED Services

· 20170813:Diane Blake on Costs

· 20170813:Global Budget Payment Model for WRHAP Hospitals

· 20170813:Meeting of August, 2017: Summary (updated)

· 20170813:Meeting of June, 2017: Summary

· 20170814:WRHAP Alternative Payment Model

· 20170816:SHB152 Appropriation

· 20170823:SHB 1520 Allocation Simulation

· 20170910:1520 Implementation Timeline (HCA)

· 20170910:Draft LOI 1520 APM

· 20170910:HCA re RHC Changes in Scope

· 20170910:SHB1520 Implementation, Draft

· 20170913:Meeting of September, 2017: Summary

· 20170915:1520 Implementation Timeline (HCA), v2

· 20170915:Meeting of September, 2017: Summary

· 20170915:Potential SHB 1520 Allocations

· 20170919:LOI 1520 APM, signed

· 20171120:DISCUSSION DRAFT: 1520 Implementation Process

· 20171210: Behavioral Health and Care-Coordination Services


· 20180130:Clinic Simulation, v2

· 20180130:Statutory Authorization for the WRHAP Pilot

· 20180202:DISCUSSION DRAFT: Medicaid Delivery System and Provider Payment Initiative

· 20180203:Issues with CMS Approval of Medicaid Match

· 20180301WRHAP APM, v.3

· 20180303:Meeting of January, 2018, Summary (updated)

· 20180307:WRHAP APM, v.3.2

· 20180307:WRHAP Letter to HCA and DOH

· 20180315:ED Minimum Budget Methodology

· 20180320:Draft WSHA Statement of Work

· 20180402:Response from Sue Birch

· 20180517:PIP Draft Language (updated)

· 20180524:MedPAC Ensuring Access to Emergency Services in Rural Communiities

· 20180529:ED Cost Model

· 20180529:Medicaid 2014 TCOC in WRHAP PHDs

· 20180529:PIP Draft Language (updated)

· 20180529:Rural Emergency Medical Center Services Legislation - HR5678

· 20180529:WRHAP Clinic Payment Component, v4

· 20180529:WRHAP ED Payment Component, v4

· 20180529:WRHAP Inpatient Payment Options, v2

· 20180529:WRHAP Long-Term Care Payment Component, v2

· 20180529:WRHAP Total Cost of Care Payment Component, v4

· 20180608:WRHAP May 2018 Meeting, Summary

· 20180628: SHB1520 Allocations

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WRHAP Spreadsheets (Various)

· 2014 Medicaid Spending in WRHAP Districts

· 20170419:ED Cost Model, No Links

· 20170512:WRHAP-Member ED Simulation Model

· 20170718:Medicare Acute Inpatient Cost Per Day, 2014

· 20170812:SHB 1520 Appropriation

· 20170823:SHB 1520 Allocation Simulation

· 20170915:Potential SHB 1520 Allocations

· 20180130:WRHAP Clinic Simulation, v2

· 20180323:ED Cost Model, v3

· 20180323:WRHAP PHD Population

· 20180916:ED Cost Model v2

· Financial Ratios, all WA hospitals

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