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WRHAP: Washington Rural-Health Access-Preservation Group

 An Alliance of Rural Washington State Public Hospital Districts

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WRHAP Projects

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Ongoing WRHAP-Related Projects

The WRHAP members are each gearing up for expansions of services to be funded by Bill 1520. By the terms of that bill, the new services are to be in either (or both) of the areas of behavioral-health services or of care-coordination services. Here, District by District, is a very brief (as yet) look at who is doing what.

Cascade Medical Center

Cascade is focused on integrating behavioral-health services into their Rural Health Clinic. They’ve hired a psychologist, and have trained both the psychologist and family-practice providers on best practices surrounding warm hand-offs and team-based care. They’re working with Mountainview Consultant Group, who helped establish program structure, trained the team, and will provide ongoing improvement feedback.

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Columbia Basin Hospital

Columbia Basin is, possibly as a joint enterprise with Samaritan in Moses Lake, in the process of hiring a behavioral-health social worker. Formal training has already taken place through TCPI.

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Dayton General Hospital

Dayton now has a care coordinator on staff, and a contract with UW Aims. The care coordinator training was performed through Caravan Health , using the Clinical Health-Coach Training system from the Iowa Chronic-Care Consortium.

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East Adams Rural Healthcare

EARH is pursuing both approaches. They now have on staff a trained care coordinator, and are also working on contracting with a tele-medicine provider for behavioral-health services.

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Ferry County Public Hospital

Ferry is another following both paths. They now have a discharge planner on staff who provides care coordination, but are also actively recruiting a Licensed Social Workker to provide behavioral-health support. (Ferry's more general activities can be followed at their online blog.)

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Forks Community Hospital

Forks operates behavioral-health matters separately. Meanwhile, they are actively recruiting fora care coordinator.

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Garfield County Hospital

Garfield is currently considering which option or options to pursue.

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Mid-Valley Hospital

At Mid-Valley there is already a licensed RN doing care coordination and screening.

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Morton General Hospital

Morton is yet another District going down both roads. They have just acquired a Licensed Social Worker, and are now seeking carde-coordination training in conjunction with another hospital from the Washington Rural-Health Collaborative.

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North Valley Hospital

North Valley now has a part time care coordinator focusing on connecting Emergency-Department patients to appropriate follow-up with their primary-care physician to improve outcomes and reduce ED utilization.

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Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center

Odessa is seeking to provide behavioral-health services. They have been having the typical rural-facility difficulty in locating candidates, but as an alternative are examining tele-medicine behavioral-service provision for at least some of the community's needs.

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Three Rivers Hospital

Three Rivers is augmenting care coordination, and already have an RN doing case management and care coordination in both their Clinic and their Emergency Department.

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Willapa Harbor Hospital

Willapa Harbor is providing care coordination by using half the time of an RN already on staff. They are also training for rural health providers.

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